This unique service has been created to help architects and designers evolve their design component more efficiently, in order you create a more efficient transition to fit for purpose specifications.
We don’t do the design, instead provide a search and selection service to improve your accuracy and efficiency. It consists of the following two unique components:

1. The Colour and Style Selectors:

Includes our Fabric Colour & Material Library and search service. We access over 25,000 fabric styles and colours including the latest releases, tested and certified fabrics. We will cover all fabric compliance areas at once on your behalf – fire rating, cleaning, wea r and tear, feel and slip coefficients. This will ensure your design does not get bogged down once it moves to a specification.

2. Digital Rendering – Style library

Soft and hard furnishing styles rendered into photos of a facility as input to the evolution of your design. It also makes an effective adjunct to the presentation of your design.

Call us to book a demonstration and don’t forget our FF&E Specification Enabler

We would like to introduce our other best in class tool for creating a specification:
The FF&E Specification Enabler – once again to help the architect and designer transition their design to a fit for purpose specification referring to over 155 specification issues for aged and health care. A tool designed for architects and designers to use.

or call 1800 065 068 for help in using it.