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Choose Curtain Suppliers With the Best Range

Your window is such a big part of your room and having suitable curtains from trusted curtain suppliers Manufacturers can be the focal point you need to give life to your room.

Once you have settled into your new home or have acquired all the décor you need to revamp your lounge or bedroom, visit a curtain and blind supplier with a wide range of options available that will be the final touch your room may lack right now.

What You Need to Know About Internal Roller Blinds

The style of your lounge or bedroom will determine what blinds or curtains will best match your current style. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of blinds and curtain so you can get a feel for what will work best in your home.

  • Roller blinds. You may be that person with the latest tech gadgets and home AI assistant. The best and most impressive option for you would be our roller blinds. You can choose the motorised option where you can change your blinds via remote control. We also have a chain drive option for the less tech-oriented. The best part about the roller blinds is that it is a twin system, meaning you can have a block out blind for night time when you need a dark room for a restful night’s sleep or just a light filtering blind that let sunlight in during the day.
  • Venetian blinds. You might associate Venetian blinds with office buildings or a bland choice that lacks ornamentation. Venetian blinds have come a long way, and cedar, timber or basswood will give you a more sophisticated look than the industrial aluminium blinds you may know. They provide the best coverage and privacy as you can open them and still be able to see outside without others looking in as they are at an angle.
  • Roman blinds. Roman blinds bring a timeless look to any room. You can choose a curtain or blind fabric and use them by themselves for a clean, solid look and feel, or combine them with curtains in contrasting colour to create a more dramatic effect.
  • Eliminate chains or mechanics with the simplicity of basswood or Fauxwood shutters in various blade sizes and colours. Add elegance, style and value to any room including wet areas and living spaces, whilst controlling light and airflow with adjustable louvres.
  • Vertical blinds. This type is perfect for when you have large glass panels that you need to cover easily and quickly open or close with a single wand. It consists of a few solid blades from top to bottom that close vertically for immediate privacy.

Blinds can give you the elegance, comfort and décor that you won’t get from curtains. What makes blinds perfect is that they can be opened or closed in different directions and create an aesthetic you can’t get from curtains. We will also have a look at what curtains can bring to your house so that you can make the best, informed decision before buying.

Related Products we Offer to Apartment Blinds

Blinds may be the best choice for a more modern, clean look and feel, but nothing beats the chic and elegance that the flow of curtains can bring. We stock a few different styles that will be sure to complement your décor and furniture:

  • Decorative Pleats. The goblet, triple or double pinch pleat curtains will bring some elegance and style to your room. The decorative finishes tend more to a formal look so are ideal in formal living spaces, heritage buildings and period settings.
  • Standard Pleats. Inverted pleat, knife pleat and gather pleat are classic style seen in houses all through Australia. Inverted pleat is fast becoming the go to heading for new modern homes. While knife pleat are perfect for a sheer curtain.
  • Swave heading. Swave or S fold curtains create a flowing effect for block out and sheer curtains alike, they create a smooth and even look to help enhance any window. The main difference between Swave and Standard headings is you will always see the track of a S wave curtain as they sit below the curtain track.
  • When accessories such as tiebacks, swags & tails, trimmings and pelmets are added to curtains they enhance the  focal point of your room allowing for a refined and beautiful finish that will turn any room into your favourite.

You have to think clearly about your style and your cleaning preferences before deciding between blinds or curtains. Curtains will give you more appeal and creativity but require washing, while blinds are simple and elegant and require minimal cleaning and maintenance.

About Quicksew Total Concept Creations

We are based in Bathurst and have outfitted hospitals, education, commercial, hospitality and aged care facilities with the best blinds and curtains. We have been in the business for 47 years, keeping it in the family. We would love to fit out your house with blinds or curtains for the best in comfort and style.

Contact us if you need a quote or recommendation on which type of window covering from a trusted blind supplier that will work best for you.