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Trust Us for Disposable Curtains for a Hospital

When you consider the number of patients that stay in a hospital and the nature of their illnesses, you’ll come to the conclusion that bacteria and germs can stick to traditional curtains. Consequently, diseases spread easily since those curtains are a permanent fixture around a hospital bed. Thankfully, disposable curtains for a hospital are now available, which eliminates the bacteria issue. The primary reason for disposable cubicle curtains is to offer the patient privacy and protect them from external elements with its flame retardant fabric. Quicksew Total Concept Creations is a leading provider of disposable curtains for hospitals, clinics and other facilities that require them.

Signs You Require Disposable Hospital Curtains

New medical technology and advances in research have made the world a healthier, safer place for the population. However, some facilities fall by the wayside, especially regarding curtains. These components are the primary items that visitors, patients and health professionals see and interact with daily. These are some of the signs you may encounter that suggests you need to invest in disposable medical curtains.

  • Understandably, curtains may be the last thing on your shopping list, however, because older fabric curtains are a breeding ground for bacteria, it’s a critical aspect for health. If you discover the curtains are fading, they don’t only create an eyesore but develop an odour over time. Disposable curtains add an instant pop to the environment and please everyone.
  • Traditional curtains are a hotbed for bacteria, even with frequent washing. The problem is that hospitals have trouble finding staff to constantly wash curtains, especially when they’re heavy. Disposable options are lighter, which the staff can easily change, and it’s more resistant to bacteria.
  • Ordering traditional curtains is a time-consuming process, and it’s difficult to maintain an accurate inventory, especially after it heads to the laundry. They’re also far more expensive than plastic hospital curtains. Furthermore, you can order a new set of disposable curtains that can arrive within 24 hours.

Benefits of Plastic Curtains for Hospitals

More hospitals worldwide are embracing the idea of installing plastic curtains in their rooms to lower the risk of infection to other patients. However, apart from the resistance to bacteria, there are several benefits to using disposable curtains around patients.

  • The design of disposable hospital curtains promotes a simple installation process. Since it’s lightweight, staff can change them after every patient. They use the same racks that surround the patient’s bed, and you can have them up in mere minutes.
  • The safety of the patients are of utmost importance, and for this reason, disposable curtains are the ideal solution. In the event of a fire, these curtains have a coating of fire retardant that meets Australian standards.
  • Disposable curtains don’t have to be plain white. Several colour options exist to match the hospital style, while designer options take it to another level. Consequently, you can attain the appearance you desire to give patients a mood boost while reducing the risk of spreading bacteria.

About Quicksew Total Concept Creations

We’ve been in the industry for over 47 years. As a family operation, we’ve placed significant value on the quality of our products for all types of facilities. We provide a complete service to our clients, starting from the initial concept phase to the implementation. Our team has vast experience in the industry, and they can offer you reliable advice regarding fabric selections, Australian made products, accessories and styling.

Apart from disposable curtains, we supply furniture, bedspreads, bed screens, shower curtains, cushions, artwork and blinds, including Holland, Venetian, Vertical, Cedar and Shutters to commercial buildings such as nursing homes, schools, colleges, apartments, and motel projects. Contact us if you’d like to ask a question or place your order for disposable hospital curtains.