Education Furniture

We Offer Education Furniture to Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning

We supply a complete range of modular, versatile, and colourful education furniture. Our creative furnishing options enliven classrooms and inspire students. Discover our custom seating and table solutions obtainable in diverse configurations and shapes.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Primary School Furniture Suppliers

Provide innovative seating and workstation options to increase focus and productivity in the classroom. Students participate in activities more fully if the layout allows it, and an inspired arrangement may even discourage disruptive behaviour. Teachers achieve better outcomes as students learn more readily when they feel comfortable and enthusiastic about their surroundings.

  • We are education furniture suppliers that enable you to create various classroom table arrangements effortlessly with our customisable, durable, and adaptable options. The frames consist of welded steel tubing and the tabletops of commercial quality melamine board. Our tables have a three-year warranty because we know how well they bear up under a collaborative teaching environment.
  • We design and produce different ranges you can use alone or with other educational tables. Pick your shapes, sizes, legs, subtle and primary frame and tabletop colours from more than a dozen options. Choose between fixed or adjustable legs with or without lockable wheels.
  • Create a delightful atmosphere and working environment with our Quadrant tables for an array of on-demand learning and teaching styles. You can organise double, triple, and quadruple possibilities and merge them with our other resources.
  • Our kids’ school furniture offers uniquely shaped tables such as the Pentagon, which you can convert into several usable, attractive, and fun configurations. Pair it with any of our other ranges such as the Modular, Flag, Tripod, Spade, Apple, and Star, to name a few.

Arrange our modular furniture in an endless variety of groupings and designs, as many as your imagination can suggest. Read on to discover which chairs and ottomans you can pair with the tables of your choice.

What Sets Quicksew Total Concept Creations Apart Regarding School Furniture Suppliers?

We are set apart by the number of services we provide. Our family-owned and operated company supplies lamps and lighting, canvas, framed and vintage artwork, decorator items, shutters, blinds, stage and general-use curtains apart from home, commercial, and educational furniture.

  • Our school furniture suppliers offer unconventional seating solutions with as much flexibility as our education table selection. Our ottomans are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours and bring a unique style to any learning environment.
  • Our ottomans consist of dense Australian-made foam in a wedge, rectangular, round, or kidney shape, and you can designate the upholstery fabric or material of your choice. They withstand much punishment because they are well-constructed.
  • Our sturdy and durable Swift chair range suits the more traditional classroom look. They comprise top-quality polypropylene, and we offer several sizes and colours. The Shell and Anne seating ranges offer several possibilities, such as sled- and laboratory-friendly gas-lift bases, comfortable fabric inserts, and a lecture table.
  • Our flexible learning furniture seating options include multi-purpose-, lecture-, and lab chairs, plus our ergonomically designed, lightweight, stackable, and non-scratch Edutech seating, also available as bar stools and cantilever chairs.

Talk to our helpful staff members if you require single or twin roller blinds for spacious windows at your institution. We create customised window treatments with EcoBlock and GreenQ Screen Blind fabric. Both are Greenguard Gold Accredited as having no harmful VOC emissions and are perfect for use in schools.

About Quicksew Total Concept Creations

Our company, established in 1977, has a verified track record. We have built a superior reputation as a commercial project supplier of colleges, schools, boarding accommodations, nursing homes, residential complexes, hospitals, and motels throughout NSW and alongside the Eastern Seaboard – from Queensland to Victoria. We have the skills and experience to assist your design team with customised fabric selections, colour schemes, green star ratings, and specifications based on your budget requirements and project type. Our low-maintenance products are resilient, practical, appealing, and comply with fire regulations.

We have International Organization for Standardization Best Practice Certification regarding Occupational Health & Safety Management, Quality Management, and Environmental Management Systems.

Contact us via the online form, email, telephone, or visit our Bathurst NSW showroom.