Hospital Curtains

Everything You Should Know About Hospital Curtains

The unique environment of healthcare facilities means that hospital curtains should meet specific requirements to help maintain the sterile setting and provide patients with the most hygienic treatment and comfort. When selecting hospital drapes, you should consider the layout of your cubicle or room and select a fabric that offers a calming atmosphere and patient comfort while also being resilient, low maintenance, fully launderable and meets fire regulations. We have extensive experience providing soft furnishings for healthcare facilities, including complete fit-outs to refurbishments. Our industry knowledge, quality products and excellent customer service ensure that your hospital curtain is attractive yet practical so your staff can move quickly between cubicles to easily administer medical care.

Benefits of Quality  Hospital Room Partition Curtains

Discover the benefits of quality fabric hospital and ICU curtains, including improving patient comfort, minimising cost and decreasing waste.

  • Curtains can improve patient comfort: Fabric curtains with a subtle yet calming pattern can take away the clinical and sterile impression of a hospital and help with patient comfort. Patients who feel comfortable in their environment can have a better outcome and faster recovery time. Curtains with natural elements and designs can improve a patient’s wellbeing and provide a positive therapeutic distraction as they recover. You can also use colour curtains to distinguish between clinical areas, which can help patients and family members find destinations more effortlessly and reduce disorientation or stress as people move throughout the facility.
  • Reduce the long-term costs: When you compare quality fabric drapes to disposable curtains, the upfront cost may seem expensive, yet over time, it is more cost-effective. You can readily clean and launder your fabric curtains and save your hospital the hassle of ordering more drapes. The quality of the fabric is higher, which means that the curtain won’t degrade quickly. You can also customise the material to suit your hospital theme.
  • Decrease waste: Reusable curtains are a more sustainable option for hospitals than single-use room dividers. You can reduce your waste and the cost of disposing of curtains when you install quality fabric drapes. Also, you can launder the curtains easily to maintain infection control, and the quality material can provide a better sound barrier than thin disposable curtains.

Our professionals can assist you in finding the ideal hospital room divider curtains for your facility.

When Buying Hospital Ward Curtains, Consider This

Whether you’re designing a new room or renovating an existing one, consider our design and style tips to get the most value out of your hospital track and curtains.

  • Assess the design requirements: Your curtain and track design will depend on whether the room is for a single or double occupancy and how you will use the space. You should consider the functional requirements of the area, such as if you will use the curtains primarily as a privacy screen, divide the room, darken the space, or for decorative purposes.
  • Determine the type of curtain you require: If a patient room is on the exterior wall, you may need hospital window curtains as well as a privacy screen. As these drapes have different requirements, our experienced team can help you incorporate both styles into your room design successfully. We understand the needs of both types of curtains, such as having a quality track suspended on the ceiling to support a privacy screen and ensuring that the curtains have mesh at the top to meet fire regulations. Privacy screens should also have a space between the floor and the bottom of the curtain to prevent the drape from scraping the floor or getting dirty when cleaners mop the room.
  • Select the ideal fabric: Due to the unique nature of a hospital environment, curtains must meet specific requirements such as being exceptional quality and durable. Unlike traditional facilities, hospital curtains should use anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, anti-static fabric, and flame resistant material to ensure excellent hygiene for patients and staff.

We provide high-quality products that are suitable for hospital and care facilities.

Tips Regarding Hospital Cubicle Curtains

Curtains in medical facilities have to meet many requirements such as aesthetics, privacy, heavy use, and health. You should ensure that you select curtains that have these features.

  • Use a high-quality and durable fabric: Hospital curtains are usually suspended from the ceiling with mounted tracks to act as a divider between rooms and a privacy screen as a patient receives treatment. Therefore, the drapes need to be high-quality, strong and durable as they will undergo heavy use as staff and patients move in and out of the rooms. You should also select a hypoallergenic material to prevent further health concerns for your patients. Thin yet strong fabrics are also a better option than thicker and more absorbent curtains.
  • Select fabrics with anti-microbial properties: Curtains in hospitals have the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria, so you want to ensure that your drapes have antimicrobial properties. Quality medical drapes in a healthcare facility should have an antimicrobial finish that can eliminate bacteria and fungi. As staff and patients move between different spaces, this feature can reduce the transfer of bacteria around the hospital.
  • Hang flame and stain resistant curtains: The majority of hospitals can have a large number of curtains throughout the facility, so a flame resistant fabric can help reduce the spread of fire and minimise the damage to your property. Mesh tops on ceiling hung curtains can also ensure that your sprinkler system can operate effectively to extinguish a fire before it spreads. Curtains that are washable, smooth and stain-resistant are easier to clean and can also reduce the accumulation of bacteria.

Our tips can guide you to select the ideal robust, durable, and hygienic fabric curtains that will suit your hospital environment.

The Importance of Quality Hospital Bed Curtain Tracks

As medical staff are busy taking care of patients, hospital curtains and rails must be sturdy enough to handle heavy use.

  • They help maintain a safe medical treatment environment: Using quality products and a professional installation company will ensure that your curtains and tracks are durable, sturdy and secure. This excellent service will help ensure that your treatment room is safe for staff and patients and that your privacy screen can withstand regular opening and closing.
  • You can customise your curtains to your facility: Select from a range of different curtain colours and styles to ensure that they match your facility décor and add a positive, warm and calming effect. By hanging custom curtains, you can help your patients feel comfortable while boosting your medical personnel’s energy and sense of wellbeing.
  • They are long-lasting: Durable and high-quality curtains are a better option when you want to maintain the aesthetics of your hospital setting. They won’t fade or damage as quickly as disposable curtains and are, therefore, a cost-effective solution to your hospital décor, privacy, safety and hygienic requirements.

We can help you select and install quality curtains that will suit your hospital setting and budget requirements.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Hospital Curtain Screens

We provide exceptional customer service and quality products.

  • Our professionals have extensive experience: We have more than 40 years of industry knowledge and experience providing a quality service and meeting our customers’ requirements. We can provide quality blinds, bed screens, curtains and tracking for new fit-outs and renovation projects.
  • We provide quality products: We have an extensive range of fabric curtains and rails so that you can select the ideal style and design to suit your hospital environment. Our professionals will meet your requirements and supply resilient, low maintenance, fully launderable, flame resistant, practical, and aesthetically pleasing curtains.
  • We deliver a premium service: From our first contact, we provide a premium service. When you require professional advice, measurements and custom curtains, we take the time to understand our customers’ circumstances, pay attention to detail and maintain a high standard of service.

We provide quality curtains, screens, blinds and rails for more than 200 healthcare facilities.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Hospital Partition Curtains

Consider our tips for getting more value out of your hospital curtains.

  • Set up a cleaning schedule: Ensure that your staff follow a regular cleaning and laundering schedule to maintain the integrity of your curtains. With smooth and easy to clean curtains, you can readily wipe off any dirt using hospital-grade cleaning products yet. You should also send them off to the laundry regularly to maintain hygiene and diminish bacteria accumulation. Be sure that you keep track of which curtains are laundered and which ones still need a wash so that you don’t miss any drapes.
  • Change soiled curtains immediately: For visibly stained and soiled curtains, you should change them out immediately to prevent the spread of diseases, bacteria, viruses and fungi. These curtains should be put into a specific laundry bag and sent to a healthcare laundry facility that can meet infection prevention standards and sanitisation.
  • Follow health and safety guidelines when changing curtains: As hospital curtains can hang from the ceiling, you should follow health and safety guidelines when changing them as most will require a ladder to replace. You may even find a contractor that will take care of any curtain installation or replacements.

Why Trust Quicksew Total Concept Creations Regarding Hospital Bed Curtains?

Our family-owned and operated business has more than 40 years of industry experience. We provide exceptional customer service and ensure to meet our client’s requirements. Whether you require a complete hospital fit-out or want to refurbish your space, we provide resilient, strong, and low maintenance options to suit your medical environment. Contact us for professional advice and a complete service from concept to completion.