The Remington Hotel Orange

The Remington Orange is a new generation of hotel, conferencing and regional accommodation offering sophistication, quality and a level of service and luxury rarely found outside the city.

Zauner Construction engaged the services of Quicksew to carry out the supply and installation of the blinds and curtains for the newly completed Remington Hotel in Orange, NSW.

The process was a pleasure with Quicksew completing the project on time and with a level of professionalism that was welcomed given the difficult year that all of the construction industry experienced.

We will continue to invite Quicksew to tender projects as when successful, the work that they deliver is always of the required quality and completed on time.

The operation team worked closely with the Zauner project team to overcome a fabric shortage, having to change the specified fabric to an alternative curtain fabric ensuring the alternative met the design brief. This took into account colour, look, price and the requirement for fire retardant properties.

By changing the fabric we made sure the manufacturing and installation of the curtains did not delay the project. We look forward to completing more projects with Zauner Construction.

If you would like Quicksew to assist you with your next project please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 1800 065 068