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Project Story: LAHC Griffith

In smooth collaboration with Hines Constructions, Quicksew are honoured to have been selected to treat the windows and doors of twenty units for NSW LAHC Griffith.



NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) had contracted Hines Construction to transform 5 aged cottages into a two storey, 20-unit complex comprising 10 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom units on Cutler Avenue and Bent Street, Griffith.


52 Single Roller Blinds          32 Vertical Blinds



The complex will complete construction soon, with all windows covered with single blockout roller blinds to provide privacy and vertical blinds to provide ease of use over the sliding doors.



Quicksew can make roller blinds do more for you

From customisable blockout fabrics, complete range of blinds systems, to the latest motorisation and automation tech—Quicksew has got you covered.



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