Spec Enabler Request

Quicksew are proud to announce the availability of a new service to assist Architects:

The FF&E Specification Enabler™

(Furniture Fittings & Equipment)

Use this interactive checklist to get your specification confirmed to meet best practice “FIT FOR PURPOSE” for any hard or soft Furnishings chosen for a refit or new construction.
• Improve accuracy.
• Reduce specification errors and installation problems.
• Get the specification confirmed for quoting FASTER.
• Reduce questions back from suppliers.
• Minimise the potential for variations.

Created by Quicksew to meet feedback from facility end users, architects & construction partners. Contains 155 easy checks / issues that will help deliver greater accuracy & fit for purpose specification that is easier for suppliers to respond to.

To download: please fill in the form below and we will send you a link

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Why did Quicksew provide this template?
The Answer is simple:
• Better value according to function and budget
• Better fit for purpose responses.
• Specifications that suit the job and construction needs – without being held up during construction because of work arounds or variations or questions from installers.

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