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Choosing aged care chairs and other furniture for a senior living community is one of the most important decisions regarding these facilities. At Quicksew Total Concept Creations, we provide a wide range of care home armchairs, dining room chairs for seniors, tables, bedroom furniture, blinds and curtains, and much more. We can also complete full fit-outs for aged care facilities, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Armchairs for the Elderly in Australia

As people get older, it can become more difficult for them to do what they’re used to doing, including moving safely around their homes. Choosing furniture that is FIT for Purpose and suits their needs is essential to helping live comfortably and safely. Senior-friendly furniture is geared towards people with mobility issues. These items are designed to help with a variety of movements and activities. Here are a few ways that this furniture helps seniors enjoy their daily lives safely.

  • By making it easier to sit down or stand up. Sofas, recliners, and other seats have features such as sturdy handles and higher seats that make it easier for seniors to use them for sitting and standing back up when they’re ready. These pieces are always upholstered in Fit for Purpose easy-care fabrics that are washable, Fire Retardant and moisture resistant. Having the right furniture in your facility can make all the difference in your residents being able to participate in activities or enjoy socialising with their peers.
  • By making it safer to walk around their rooms. It’s essential to keep common areas in senior living communities clean and clutter-free, but it’s also just as important to keep residents’ rooms safe. Bedrooms are one area where people spend vast amounts of time over the years, and they should be made as safe as possible for seniors. That means, for example, having no sharp corners and having adjustable beds where required.
  • By reducing the risk of falls. Falls are a particular concern for older individuals and the leading cause of accidental injury in older Australians. There are several reasons for the higher incidence of falls in seniors, including balance issues, muscle weakness, poorer eyesight, and slower reaction times. Handrails are vital, especially in bathrooms. Wet, smooth surfaces are slippery, and installing handrails for stabilisation is a good idea for anyone – not just seniors. Bathtub transfer benches and shower chairs are also important items that can significantly lower the risk of falling.
  • By making daily activities easier and more enjoyable. For people with mobility issues, even simple activities and everyday items can be hazardous. By surrounding seniors with furniture made to fit their needs, we can help minimise the risk of injury and help make their daily lives easier, more comfortable, and enjoyable.

Tips Regarding Choosing Care Home Chairs

Choosing furniture for an aged care facility requires special considerations, such as design, functionality, fabric selection, and compliance with health and safety regulations. Each of these aspects plays an important role in the daily life of staff members and residents in terms of how well the furniture provides ease of movement and maintenance. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing chairs for senior living.

  • Fabric and colour. When performing aged care fit-outs, it’s a good idea look for something low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. A material that’s water-resistant and highly durable is the best choice for healthcare Choosing a colour that contrasts with the walls and flooring makes the item easier to see. Colour plays an important role in the wellness of seniors, so be intentional about the shades and patterns you choose for your nursing home dining chairs and other furniture.
  • Health compliant materials. There are generally strict Codes of best practice and healthcare laws that regulate aged care facilities, it’s important to find furniture that complies with these laws. For example, a good, assisted living chair is purposefully designed for a healthcare environment to withstand heavy wear and tear, help prevent infection and not promote microbial growth. These properties make our fabrics ideal for senior living communities.
  • Functional design. Functionality should be top of mind for furniture in aged care communities. The material used should be durable, strong, and supportive because many seniors will rely on it to assist their everyday movements. Some of the residents in your community will need to use the furniture you choose for support when sitting down, standing up, or walking between rooms. For these reasons, you should avoid any pieces with sharp edges or glass. Single Seat Chairs are also preferred over sofas because they have armrests available to offer support.
  • Comfort and quality. While the material, design, and colour are all important, it’s ultimately the lasting comfort and quality that matter most. Your furniture will likely be used extensively by residents and staff alike, day after day. Therefore, it should have a homey feel rather than a clinical one. Look for pieces that fit all the above requirements while still looking and feeling soft, comfortable, and attractive to help the residents feel at home.

Tips Regarding Taking Care of Your Assisted Living Chairs and Other Furniture

Aged care facilities play a leading role in supporting our elderly loved ones. As such, these types of environments must be kept clean and free of contaminants at all times. That’s why it’s so beneficial to choose care home dining chairs and other pieces of furniture that are easy to clean and designed to be low maintenance. Here are a few tips for keeping your facility sparkling clean throughout.

  • Establish a hazardous chemical program. It’s crucial for all chemicals used in your care home to be appropriately labelled and have a safety data sheet in the area where the chemical is stored (the manufacturer or supplier of each chemical must provide these). Never use chemicals in unlabelled containers, and never allow staff members to bring chemicals from home to use at work. Be sure that all staff members who use chemicals are trained in their use and informed of potential hazards and how to prevent injuries and accidents.
  • Make (and stick to) cleaning schedules. The staff in senior living communities are often incredibly busy. They have many responsibilities, and without an effective cleaning schedule to go by, it’s easy to overlook the occasional task. When you establish cleaning schedules, you not only ensure that everything gets done but also that your residents know when to expect certain services. Once you have a schedule that accounts for everything that staff members need to do to keep the facility clean, realise that unplanned situations will arise, and flexibility is key.
  • Keep your cleaning equipment clean as well. Just as you need to keep your facility clean, you also need to clean the equipment you use to do the cleaning. It’s important to avoid the proliferation and cross-contamination of microorganisms. Be sure to stick to a schedule for cleaning your equipment, including tasks such as disinfecting tools between uses, laundering mopheads, keeping clean and soiled items separate on cleaning carts, disinfecting cleaning carts, and discarding items used to clean toilets as appropriate.
  • Maintain safe cleaning supply rooms. Keep your cleaning supplies in a separate room or area that you don’t use for any other purposes. Each cleaning supply room should be kept free of dust and moisture, easily accessible by the staff members who need the supplies and equipped with a dedicated handwashing sink if you use the room for preparing resident care items. These rooms should have locked doors so that only the appropriate individuals can access them, and they should always be free of clutter.

Related Services We Provide to Aged Care Recliner Chairs

We offer a wide range of furniture and Window Furnishing accessories for aged care facilities and other commercial buildings. Some of the items we provide include:

  • Aged care dining chairs. We have a variety of chairs in stock that are suitable for senior living settings. We offer chairs designed for aged care facilities and other healthcare environments, made with features such as low-maintenance materials, sturdy construction, and attractive design. Whether you are looking for assisted living dining chairs, nursing home recliners, living room or common area seating, or other types of chairs for care homes, you’ll find them here. We have many chairs with arms for the elderly to help support their safety and comfort.
  • A range of tables. Tables are a must in any aged care facility. Depending on your specific needs, you may be looking for dining tables, activity tables, occasional tables, or perhaps you only need table bases or tops. We can help with all these requests and more. Our dining tables are attractive, stylish, and sturdy, wheelchair cuts outs are available on request to all our timber dining tables, perfect for all senior living setting. Our activity tables are designed to accommodate small groups for fun tasks – we even have folding tables and tables with wheels for your optimal convenience and space efficiency. Our coffee and end tables are ideal for outfitting residents’ rooms and offices.
  • Blinds, shutters, and curtains. With over 40 years in the industry, we are a leading Manufacturer of window furnishings for commercial settings. We can deliver curtains and blinds to provide privacy and sun protection and enhance the atmosphere of any room. We also offer roller blinds, including motorised and manual roller blinds, sheer curtains, block out curtains, vertical and Venetian blinds, and plantation shutters for a unique and attractive finish. Our roller blinds help you connect with the outdoors while protecting the indoors. They’re also easy to operate and easy to maintain.
  • Outdoor furniture. We provide more than indoor fit outs for aged care facilities. We can also help you furnish your outdoor areas. Outdoor seating is just as important as indoor seating, as it provides space for your residents and their family members to enjoy the fresh air and a relaxing atmosphere. We offer various stylish and cost-effective outdoor furniture, including timber and wicker chairs, timber and wicker tables, outdoor stools, and tabletops, all designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions while still looking sharp.

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