Medical Curtains

Our Tailor-Made Medical Curtains Provide a Functional and Aesthetic Purpose

Quicksew Total Concept Creations is proficient in the medical industry, sourcing, manufacturing, and supplying high-quality, medical curtains and tracks. Our knowledge of the healthcare requirements allows us to provide the best-suited soft furnishings that offer benefits to both patients and staff.

What You Can Expect from Quicksew Total Concept Creations Regarding Medical Cubicle Curtains

If you’re looking for high-quality cubicle curtains, our comprehensive range includes medical-grade fabric in a variety of shades.

  • Fabric type. Most dividers suspended from a medical curtain track undergo frequent daily use. For them to provide longevity in your establishment, it’s essential to use high-quality, durable fabric. Free of heavy metals and allergen-resistant, hypoallergenic materials are necessary for your patient’s health. Our thin, sturdy fabrics deter common allergens such as mould and pollen, where thicker materials tend to absorb and harbour germs. Our aesthetically appealing fabric comes in a plethora of colours and patterns, allowing them to blend seamlessly with your existing interior design.
  • Antimicrobial properties. The correct fabric prevents bacteria from multiplying on your curtains. Our high-quality medical curtain dividers boast an antimicrobial finish that eliminates fungi, viruses, and bacteria on contact. Your patients and staff are less likely to transfer harmful bacteria throughout your facility, resulting in a cleaner environment. The reduced contamination may also result in a reduced washing frequency, providing substantial money-saving benefits.
  • Flame retardant. Choosing fire-resistant fabric reduces the risk of fires spreading throughout your building. While they cannot extinguish the flames, they act as a passive barricade to slow the spread of a fire. Our fabric’s stain-resistant properties ensure optimal performance in between washes.
  • Ease of cleaning. Falling in line with stain-resistant properties, ensure that your medical curtains are convenient to clean. Withstanding regular wipe-downs and sanitation sprays provides an easy-to-maintain curtain, ideal for medical applications. Our versatile fabric offers an easy in-place cleaning and is fully machine-washable for a more thorough clean. The odour-resistant properties prevent the accumulation of unwanted smells in multiple-bed areas.
  • Curtain length. If you’re installing drapes for hospital cubicles, an adequate length provides privacy, yet a reasonable distance from the ground prevents dirt build-up. Our range of bed screens includes pre-manufactured sizes, as well as tailor-made dimensions if required. The ideal way to hang your dividers is from a curtain track suspended from the ceiling. Our various options of curtain tracks provide convenient opening and closing for different room configurations.

The Benefits of Reusable Medical Room Curtains

Healthcare facilities can benefit from textiles that create a curative environment both visually and acoustically. We firmly believe that incorporating our reusable curtains into a medical application provides multiple benefits to both the patient and your establishment. The aesthetic appeal can greatly improve patient comfort, while the reusability can decrease costs, prevents excess waste, and offers a more sustainable choice to single-use curtains within a healthcare location.

  • The popularity of disposable curtains stems from concerns over infection control. However, to effectively curb infection transfer, disposable curtains require changing after each patient. Many disposable curtains are only changed every three months, so their perceived benefit doesn’t translate into practice.
  • While disposable curtain manufacturers claim to provide a cost-saving benefit, this is only true on the initial costs. Ongoing and potentially increasing costs of purchasing single-use curtains ultimately lead to a more significant capital outlay over time. Our reusable cubicle curtains provide a high-quality, cost-effective option, providing many years of performance.
  • The colours and textures of reusable curtains can play a prominent role in a patient’s healing process. Medical facilities that use a less clinical design approach may provide better recovery times and reduce patients’ stay. We understand the effect that colours have on a patient’s wellbeing and incorporate various natural shades to promote a therapeutic effect. Our diverse colour palette allows our curtains to complement any existing interior décor.
  • Single-use curtains end up in landfills as general waste. As many companies shift their focus to more sustainable forms of soft-furnishings, our reusable curtains offer an environmentally friendly alternative, assisting companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Key Questions to Ask Quicksew Total Concept Creations About Medical Grade Curtains

While our website provides all the information you would need to make your decision, our friendly team are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

  • What size should my hospital curtain be? We recommend measuring your curtain around ten percent wider than its tracks. The extra fabric allows the fabric to hang loosely enough, so it doesn’t cause gaps on either side. Most curtains hang around 30cm above the floor to provide adequate privacy while keeping them out of the way for cleaning the floor.
  • How do I install my cubicle tracks? No need to hire a professional for your track installation. Our simple guide provides easy-to-follow steps for a handyman or maintenance person to complete.
  • Do I require mesh at the top of the curtains? As required by local law, medical facilities require a layer of mesh installed onto the curtains. This mesh promotes the efficiency of sprinkler systems in the event of a fire.
  • Can I customise my order? We provide pre-made standard-sized curtains in a variety of fabrics available immediately. We can also tailor your curtains to specific sizes, as well as your required fabric colour.

What You Should Know About a Cubicle Curtain Track

Available in white, birch white, magnolia, brass, and brown, our range of tracks can either be hand or cord operated for one-way or split draw applications.

  • While tracks are most commonly used in medical facilities, you can also find them in schools, beauty salons, and even retail shops as changing rooms. They’re effective in sectioning off parts of a room when temporary privacy is required but you don’t want to lose the available space.
  • Our high-quality tracking systems boasts a simple design with clear capabilities. Manufactured curtains specifically for the medical industry require minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan. Pre-installed runners provide easy curtain changes, and sturdy hooks offer adequate support for the curtain.
  • Cubicle tracks are generally used to provide privacy on all sides of a patient’s bed. Paired with our medical-grade curtains, we manufacture our tracks as one solid rail to provide an accessible, hand-controlled cubicle.

Why Trust Quicksew Total Concept Creations as Curtain Manufacturers?

Forty-seven years in the industry has provided us with proficient knowledge of healthcare facilities and their unique requirements of medical privacy curtains and various other soft furnishings. Gone are the days of mundane bed screens, we manufacture tailored curtains in a range of colours and textures that provide both physical and mental benefits to patients and the environment.

For more information on our high-quality medical curtains, contact us.